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Membrane tent

A membrane tent is the ideal solution for a theater show or dance party when you want it to be dark. It offers the right blackout facilities that ensure you have full control over the desired lighting effects.

Membrane tents are manufactured from a special type of fabric that does not let light through. Is it a broad daylight outside? No problem, you won't notice this inside the tent.

Weather resistance and durability

Our pavilion tents are built to withstand different weather conditions. They are waterproof, wind resistant and meet high quality standards. With their sturdy construction and durable materials, our pavilion tents ensure that your event runs smoothly, regardless of the weather conditions.

Dimensions on 1 row of masts:

  • 20m by 22.5m

  • 20m by 25m

  • 20m by 37.5m

  • 20m by 45m


Dimensions on 2 rows of masts:

  • 20m by 25m

  • 20m by 35m

  • 20m by 45m


The length is extendable by 7.5 or 10m

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